Ultra Edit - usage details

UTF-8 Autodetection

Lately for non english text they using UTF-8 encoding

But there are still many data stored in local encoding (windows-1251, KOI8, ...)

To Ultra edit detect UTF-8 encoding automatically, You have to check item in one\'s preferences

Advanced - Configuration... - General - Load/Save/Conversions - Auto detect UTF-8 files

File format conversion Unix/Mac to DOS format

When you open files of different OS (For example with edit web server files at Windows machine) UltraEdit every time notify that fomrmat is NOT dos and suggest to convert it

To turn of this notification and select Yes or No you need to do following

Choose Disable or Automatic convert in settings ;-)

Advanced - Configuration... - General - Load/Save/Conversions - Unix/Mac file detection conversion

Custom backup files creation

To turn off backup just set "No backup" in preferences

Advanced - Configuration... - Backup - Backup files on save

However there is more nice solution - save all backup files to one directory (For example c:/Recycle (to Recycle bin) or c:/backup)

To do it you need to set following preferences

Advanced - Configuration... - Backup - Default backup directory

Ultra edit feature от work with UTF-8

New versions of Ultraedit on work with UTF-8 data append BOM (byte order marker) to start of file BOM singature is FFFEh.

This feature prevents some old (and not very old) application to work correctly. For example I waste a lot of time to find out why XSL pattern which worked fine before became corrupted after some minor changes maked in UltraEdit.

To switch of this feature in vesrion 10.10a and later you have to manually change/add ini file parameters (c:\\WINNT\\UEDIT32.INI or c:\\windows\\UEDIT32.INI):


Add in section - [Settings]
Write UTF-8 BOM = 0 
Write UTF-8 BOM NF = 0

Write UTF-8 BOM = 1 - This setting causes the editor to write out the Byte Order Mark (BOM) header in a file when it is saved. If this is not set, it will not write out the BOM unless the file contained it when it was loaded into the editor. If so, the BOM will be written to the file irrespective of the setting. The BOM is an industry standard indicating the contents of the file for various UNICODE formats. This is set be default internally.

Write UTF-8 BOM NF = 1 - This setting causes the editor to write out the Byte Order Mark (BOM) header in a file when it is saved if the file is a new file created within UltraEdit. If the Write UTF-8 BOM setting above is set, then the BOM will always be written and this is ignored. Otherwise, the BOM will only be written out for new files if this is set.

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