What to do when MBR was corrupted

Try number one - fdisk

Find Dos\'s fdisk. Create boot floppy

Reload system from this floppy and start fdisk /mbr

Bad news - its helps rarely. fdisk clear just a few bytes. Corrupted loader code still present

Try number two - Kill em\'all

It means clear all mbr sector

This mean have guaranteed success, but have one little disadvantage. All HDD information including partitions will be LOST

To make this terrible thing you can use a many utilities. From unforgetable Norton Disk Editor (from Norton utilities www.symantec.com) to little utilities like mbrwizd

I prefered namely MBRWizard from Roger Laytondownload here. Its freeware, simple in usage have Dos, Win and Linux versions

Start mbrwizd with /wipe=1 to kill MBR and /wipe=2 to creal first 63 sectors (for sure)

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